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Chef's Suggestion
Flaming Whole Pickerel

Chef's Suggestion

Chef's Suggestion
Peking Duck

Chef's Suggestion
Live Lobster

Beef Sirloin and King Mushrooms with "Maggie Sauce"

Pan-fried Black Cod with Special Garlic Sauce

Chicken with Black Mushroom and Snow Peas

Chef's Suggestion King of the Sea

Wok-fried Shrimp and Scallops

Enoki Mushrooms in Bean Curd Skin

Lettuce Wrap with Diced Chicken

Chef's Suggestion Phoenix Nest

Hour Detroit Cover
Hong Hua
Restaurant of the Year

Chinese 4701
New Year's Party

Owners Gary, Peter, Danny, Shetwai

Master Chef
Peter Chan

Table in Back Banquet Hall Set for New Year's Celebration

Front Lobby Display

Cocktails Anyone?

Wine Goes Well with a Hong Hua Meal

Booths in Front Room

Table for Ten
Back Banquet Room

View of Main Room

Table for Eight
Back Banquet Room


Molly Abraham Review

Front View of
Hong Hua

Iron Chef Morimoto with Chef Peter Chan and Danny Yu

Iron Chef Morimoto

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